Health Endowment

As announced at the CAPI Welcomes AAPI Event on June 17, 2015, a new CAPI/ORHS Endowment has been created which will grow in perpetuity.  More than $56,000 have been pledged towards  this Endowment.  As part of the agreement, Orlando Health will honor the outgoing Best Medicine Resident and the Best Surgery Resident annually in the name of CAPI.  CAPI leadership will be invited and cash awards will be given to the above residents starting at $1000 from 2016 onwards.  A portion of the Endowment will also go towards the Anti-Obesity, Stay-Fit Initiative of CAPI whose mission is to promote healthy eating and lifestyle for teenagers and young adults.  A portion of the funds will be available to the Fresh Stop organization locally.

Most of the money was raised at the recent summer event. CAPI has matched every dollar raised at 45 cents from its core funds only.

CAPI leadership remains indebted to the following members for their generosity and charity towards the establishment of this fund.

Dr. Amish Parikh
Dr. Kantilal Bhalani
Dr. Sudhir Bhaskar
Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar
Dr. Vijay Patange
Dr. Vipin Popat
Dr. Avanish Aggarwal
Dr. Viresh Mohan Lal
Drs. Lisa & Stephen Quaning
Dr. Nizam Razack
Dr. Uday Desai
Dr. Prakash Kalan
Dr. Priya Vishubotla
Dr. Nikita Shah
Drs. Jogi & Annapurna Pattisapu
Dr. Vraj Panara
Dr. Chandra S. Bomma
Drs. Atul Madan & Alka Arora
Dr. Kanika Sharma
Dr. Ravi Akella
Dr. Aravind Pillai
Dr. Rohit Bhatheja
Drs. Sanjay & Kavita Pattani
Dr. Harinath Sheela
Dr. Deepak Vivek
Drs. Pradeep & Anita Mathur
Dr. Vivek Desai
Dr. Raghu Ganjam
Dr. Pradeep Vangala
Dr. Srikiran Pothamsetty
Dr. Rahul Borsadia
Dr. Debashish Bose


(*Other CAPI members wishing to donate can make gifts online at

or call, Orlando Health Foundation at 321-841-8814. Please select CAPI Fund for ORHS.)

Be on the lookout for future announcements. Enjoy the rest of the year!

Sudhir K. Bhaskar, MD, FACG, AGAF
President, CAPI