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Sajan Shroff

Sajan is third year college student at the University of Michigan. Sajan was chosen not only for his tireless efforts helping his community, but also his unique contributions to all age groups and demographics. Sajan has worked with underserved populations at Shepherd's Hope, University of Michigan Free Clinic and taught science and math to Detroit area elementary age students. He has worked with the elderly at the VA in Ann Arbor, along with aiding many older patients navigate telehealth and increasing technology literacy so they can receive the medical care they need during COVID-19. Sajan is also the team lead in designing new walkers with fall prevention mechanisms for elderly patients.

Lastly, Sajan is extremely passionate about his work with Blueprints for Panagea, a medical supply reallocation organization. During COVID-19, while medical supplies were short at the beginning of the pandemic Sajan took it upon himself to have a fundraiser where he raised over $2,000 and was able to secure 1500 face shields and 3000 masks for distribution to the Ann Arbor/Detroit area free clinics and shelters.

At such a young age, Sajan has accomplished a tremendous amount. Please help me in congratulating and shining the light on our future generation, Sajan Shroff- Our hometown healthcare hero.