President’s Message

Sushma Nakka, MDDear Members,

As we welcome the New Year 2023, I am honored to write to you all, our esteemed CAPI physicians, as the president of this great organization. My name is Dr. Sushma Nakka, and I will serve as your CAPI president this year. This year will be the year of JOY and CELEBRATION.

The past few years have been a reconciliation between COVID and Life. But with Resilience, we have moved forward. 2023 will be a year to celebrate the joy of life for many years to come. Humanity will live, love and flourish. One World, One Humanity.

With a great start to the New Year, CAPI has partnered with AAPI for the SHARE THE WARMTH BLANKET DRIVE. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities we have been blessed with to serve in the communities where we work and live. As wintry weather is upon us, CAPI has also donated blankets to “Sikh Seva Federation,” “Orlando Rescue Mission,” and “Bartow Church Center.” We want to continue the tradition of providing comfort and warmth to those that need help during the holidays.

On this note, I want to thank our 2022 CAPI President, Hanish Sethi, and 2021 CAPI President, Dr. Tejal Patel. They held fantastic events throughout the year and raised funds for the CAPI COVID-19 Hunger Relief fund. In addition, they spearheaded the fundraiser for Oxygen Concentration for CAPI, which raised almost $100K. I also want to thank Dr. Srikiran Pothamsetty for his exceptional work in 2020, leading CAPI to the forefront of giving.

I want to thank our executive committee members. Dr. Alka Arora, Dr. Neelima Katukuri, Dr. Sveta Gupta. We also welcome Dr. Suneeta Pinnamaneni, who will join the EC committee 2023 as our newly elected treasurer. In addition, Dr. Charanjeet Singh and Dr. Prasanthi Marella will join our CAPI team as members.

As the grand plan for the upcoming year unfolds, we must continue to support our local organizations, as we are all blessed to have plenty to share. CAPI is excited to support upcoming community health fairs.

As a woman physician, my goals for this year include providing services for women and children, especially those affected by domestic violence. I would also like to support cancer research.

Like you all, I am thankful for family, friends, and health. Membership is our strength. My goal is to reach out to our physician community to become members. Please register at The purpose of this organization is to provide its members a forum to facilitate professional opportunities for continued medical education, medical conferences, community health fairs, professional & leadership development, networking, and above all, service to the Central Florida healthcare community.

Joy and Celebration

Respectfully yours,

Sushma Nakka, MD
President, CAPI 2023