President’s Message

Priya Vishnubhotla, MDDear Members,
The Executive Membership wishes you a very happy and prosperous new year! As we look ahead, we are proud to report that CAPI has continued to make great strides in building coalitions with all local health care systems. Our members make up a significant part of the medical staff all of the local health care organizations and several members also serve in leadership roles.

We wish to continue this upward trajectory of the organization. Top goals for 2018 are :

  1. Expanding membership
  2. Building a CAPI Women’s circle of support and partnership to help mentor younger physicians, share experiences and build a circle of trust.
  3. Expand youth initiatives to include our physicians in training.
  4. Continued growth of our philanthropy organization.


Glimpse at the upcoming events

  1. 2018 CAPI spring Fling: 1st week of April ( date and venue being finalized)
  2. 2018 grand CAPI gala: September 29th ( venue to be finalized)
  3. First Women’s Circle event: Feb 27th
  4. 2018 Autumn CAPI picnic: 1st week of Nov ( date and venue to be finalized)

Priya Vishnubhotla, MD
CAPI President 2018