The main purpose of this committee is to direct the CAPI executive committee when making extraordinary contributions to the community. The nominated/elected members will serve a two-year term on this committee. 

Guidelines and Responsibilities

The Executive committee (EC) can make donations to charitable institutions up to a limit of $ 2,500 per charity with maximum limit of $ 5,000 per calendar year. They will still be responsible to inform the General Body via a website posting, meeting or mass emails, whichever is deemed suitable by the President and EC.

For a donation between $ 2,500 to 10,000 (maximum $25,000 per calendar year), the CPC will decide the allocation on basis of consensus or majority. In case of a tie, the President’s vote will be decisive.

For donations or contribution greater than $ 25,000, the EC and CPC will need to present their case to General Body members for approval.

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